Austria, Kapfenberg
Minimum Temperature Variation: -15°C / 12°C

Maximum Temperature Variation: 10°C / 29°C
The climate in the region of Graz is strongly influenced by its location on the south-eastern side of the Alps. As consequence of its location this region has a humid continental climate with warm summers, no dry season, severe winters and strong seasonality.

Spain, Calonge de Segarra
Minimum Temperature Variation: -1°C / 16°C

Maximum Temperature Variation: 16°C / 31°C
The region of Barcelona has a typical Mediterranean climate. The winter is relatively humid but mild and the summer is dry. The rainy seasons are the once in between, autumn and spring.

Cyprus, Miliou Village
Minimum Temperature Variation: 3°C / 20°C

Maximum Temperature Variation: 19°C / 37°C
The Island of Cyprus has an intense Mediterranean climate. Hot dry summers from mid-May to mid-September and rainy. Winters from November to mid-March are separated by short autumn and spring seasons of rapid change in weather conditions.

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